Single channel 12V  Relay Breakout Board

Single channel 12V Relay Breakout Board

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This is 12V relay breakout board. Yet, it is kind of special because this is low level trigger 12V relay, or active low relay module. To control it , logic low, or 0V is needed. Normally it is being used together with NPN (Open drain) output sensor, e.g.:

The relay module comes with three header pins:

  • VCC = 12V, voltage needed to activate Relay
  • GND = Common Ground, 0V
  • IN = Control signal needed to be 0V to activate the Relay. 5V or 3.3V will also activate relay as it will sink current. NPN output will be good to control the relay.

The relay terminals (COM, NO and NC) are brought out using screw terminals. On-board relay is rated at 10A. It can be used in many applications: controlling high voltage, high current load such as motor,. solenoid valves, lamps and AC load. It also come with 2 LEDs to indicate the status power (VCC) and status of relay.

NOTE: This is an active low device, which means logic low (0V) at pin IN will trigger the relay.


  • Digital output controllable
  • 12 active low (0V) relay module, suitable for NPN output 12V sensor.
  • Two LEDs to indicate status:
    • Red for VCC power (12V)
    • Green for Relay status, light up when relay activated
  • Maximum switching voltage: 250VAC/110VDC
  • Control signal: Logic Low, 0V, or Open Drain, NPN output
  • Contact Capacity (Res. Load): 10A 125VAC
  • Max. switching current: 10A
  • Max. Allowable Power Force: 800VAC/240W

Packing List:

  • 1 x Single Channel 12V Relay Breakout Board

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