Cytron PS2 Shield

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Adding wired or wireless remote control to Arduino main boards become easy with Cytron PS2 Shield together with Arduino Library provided. Cytron PS2 Shield (SHIELD-PS2) is an Arduino compatible shield which is compatible with Arduino UNO, Arduino Duemilanove, Arduino Mega, Arduino Leonardo and possibly other pin compatible main boards. Cytron PS2 Shield  offers a compact yet reliable PS2 Controller Converter for user. Cytron PS2 Shield is powered from Arduino main board. with Cytron PS2 Shield Reading Joy-stick and button’s state of PS2 controller will be as easy as reading UART data. It offers a standard connector for PS2 controller to plug-in, either wired or wireless.

Shield-PS2 has stackable side headers which allows for more Arduino shields to be stacked on top of it. Besides, user has option to use either hardware or software UART with Arduino’s main board to communication to get the PS2 controller status. Shield-PS2 reset is connect to arduino’s analog pin 1 (A1). User can pull down this analog pin to reset the shield.

Cytron Shield-PS2 does not come with PS2 controller (joystick), please purchase separately from Cytron, the link is provided at the bottom.
  • 5V powered, low current consumption.
  • Simple to use UART protocol
  • Vibrator motor on PS2 is controllable.
  • Wired and Wireless PS2 controller is supported.
  • PS2 Controller will automatically operate in analog mode.
  • A status LED
  • Jumper selector to select different UART Baud Rate (9600, 57600, 115200).
  • Jumper selectors to select different digital pin as UART TX and RX pin.
  • Dimension: 68mm x 53mm 
User's Manual V1.0 Sept 2013
Arduino Code
Library Wiki
Fritzing File
Fritzing Tutorial
Q & A (20)
Hi, I would like to check if this shield works with PS2 wireless controller? Because when I connected it to a wireless controller, it doesn't seem to detect the presence of the controller. The status LED is blinking with high and low brightness alternately. ( Richard, 29/03/2022 )
Hi sir. If you encounter any problem regarding this shield. Please email to
hello,why don't you support 3v3 compatibility to modern boards (Due, M0/Zero, ESP32, Adafruit SAMD51 GrandCentral) but just for those obsolescent puny 5V crap boards? ( Helmut, 05/05/2021 )
Hi. For now, we only have ps2 shield compatible with Arduino boards as listed. Its a good idea you've got and thank you for your feedback :)
hi, i wanted to buy this but is there a tutorial on how to coding with this PS2 shield? ( MUHAMMAD RIFQI IMAN BIN MOHD NIZAM , 15/08/2020 )
Hi, you can always refer to this link or drop an email to for technical assistance. Our technical team will reply to you as soon as possible. Thanks :)
does it work with arduino due ?is there any shield available compatible with arduino due?thanks ( pranav, 02/07/2019 )
Hi, sorry. This item doesn't work with Arduino Due as it is 3.3V logic.
Hai, I want to ask about this shield board 3D model. I have bought this shield recently and now i want to design something, it is possible your company share with me the 3D model of this shield? ( MUHAMMAD YUSRI BIN BAHARUDDIN, 15/01/2019 )
Hi, sorry we don't have the 3D design for this.
when the ps2 shield can be restock??? ( healme, 10/03/2018 )
Hi, it will be restocked within this week. Thanks.
hello, I have bought the cytron PS2 shield and whenever i attach my ps2 to it theps2 gets detected but the led on the shield does not blink whenever any button is pressed. could you tell me what is wrong. The PS2 i have used is a SONY Dualshock 2 ( Prachi, 18/12/2016 )
Hi, have you tried the sample code? Are you still can you it even the led does not blink? Do you buy this product from us? Thanks. =)
I see on your tutorial of Using Cytron PS2 Shield with Arduino Edubot, you are show the example of coding to light up the led on pin 13. Hence, I saw that the PWR led and STATUS led on the ps2 shield board was light up as the led on pin 13 also light up. But why my STATUS led does not light up after I uploading my coding to the board?.Instead of that, my led on pin 13 also does not light up. ( Kasturi, 17/11/2016 )
Status LED on PS2 shield is to indicate the communication and also status of the PS2 joystick. Pressing any button on PS2 joystick should have light the status LED up. If it does not light up when button is press, it simply means there is no communication between the shield and PS2 joystick. Anyway you may contact our technical team at for help.
Hi, where can I find the schematic diagram of this ps2 shield? Bcs i wanted to know which pins the ps2 joystick is connected to. I want to assign (for example: Xvalue = 190, and Yvalue = 80), to get my robot to move in this direction. ( Anon, 17/10/2016 )
Hi, Sorry we did not provide any schematic diagram for ps2 shield. 
Hi, I noticed every time I use #include, I will get an error saying error: expected class-name before '{' token Is there a problem with the library itself? I couldnt get the program to upload ( Anon, 15/10/2016 )
Hi, Could you please check your coding again.  If you have further question, you can ask at our technical forum, as this session is only for short inquiry. Thanks. :)  

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