PIC based Arduino form factor Kit

PIC based Arduino form factor Kit

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Great news for PIC microcontroller lover. CIKU is for you.

Named after a type of tropical fruit, sweet and brown in color. Normally known as  "sapodilla", we call it "CIKU" in Malaysia.

CIKU is PIC18F4550 based Arduino form factor starter kit for hobbiyst, student, developer or any maker that likes to use PIC microcontroller and want to utilize Arduino shield. We acknowledge and appreciate the ease of hardware interface provided by hundreds of Arduino shield out there. I am sure PIC lover would like to utilize these shields, and with CIKU, you will have it.

CIKU is born from the experiences of using Arduino and feedback we gather from SK40C users. Ciku comes with PIC18F4550 pre-programed with Microchip USB HID Bootloader and with this, loading program will only require a USB Mini-B cable, no extra programmer is needed. This will lower the cost needed to get start. It reserves the PICkit2/3 6-way ICSP pads for those that like to use ICD or PICkit2/3 to load program.

To utilize Arduino shield, CIKU has been designed based on Arduino form factor, the side female headers, pin assignments, 5V, 3.3V, Reset and GND are compatible with Arduino UNO. Furthermore, to provide the feel of Arduino environment, we are developing library for Ciku with MPLAB X IDE and XC8 Compiler (both are free IDE and compiler from Microchip). You will be able to use the pinMode(1, OUTPUT) and analogRead(A1) as in Arduino IDE. It is not 100% software compatible, we are trying to minimize the transition effort needed. And it is open source, we welcome and invite everyone that love CIKU to help and contribute in library development, and share it, any form of feedbacks are more than welcome.

Do check the user's manual and tutorials to get started with Ciku.

Features and Specifications:
  • Comes with pre-programmed PIC18F4550 with USB bootloader.
  • PIC18F4550 running at 48MHz (after PLL with 10MHz external crystal).
  • Power via USB or external DC adapter (7 - 12V).
  • On board 5V 800mA (Max 1A) voltage regulator.
  • On board 3.3V 500mA (Max 500mA) voltage regulator.
  • USB mini-B receptor for USB connection.
  • 20 digital I/O pins.
  • 6 analog input pin.
  • 2 PWM output pin.
  • Standard Arduino UNO R3 header, able to utilize Arduino shield.
  • Extra pads with standard 0.1” (2.54 mm) pitch to pitch.
  • 32KByte flash/program memory (~28K after bootloader).
  • On board Power, Run and programmable LED.
  • Reset button and bootloader button for entering USB bootloader mode.
  • Program with MPLAB X IDE and XC8 compiler (library is open source and provided)
  • Program loading via USB HID, GUI from Microchip provided.
  • PICkit standard ICSP 6-way pads for direct program loading (optional)
Compatible Shields: We are trying hard and will continue to develop the library  to ensure the compatibility of Arduino shields, but due to differences of microcontroller's architecture, it is not 100% compatible. Here, we have listed down the shields that we have tested.
Check out the getting started:
Hello, I have a lot of question regarding CIKU,

1. How do I burn the CIKU bootloader to an empty pic18f4550 with pickit 3?
2. Can I use the pickit 3 to write my code directly to the empty pic18f4550 without the CIKU bootloader and the CIKU board as a programming seat like
3. Do I have to press the SW and RST key to enter into bootloader mode everytime I have minor changes to the programmed code?
4. Does the bootloader mode mean programming mode?
5. From my research, I saw that it is cumbersome to create a new project without affecting the CIKU bootloader
( Reks Yong, 26/08/2017 )
Hi, for further questions, please visit to our technical forum for similar question or post your question there, as this session is only for short inquiry. Thanks.
I want to control speed and rotation of DC Geared Motor SPG50-100K. From what i read, can I use Motor + 2Amp Motor Driver Shield + above CIKU. Can i use source code from below link? https://github.com/CytronTechnologies/Cytron_ShieldMD10/commit/f53569cb73231cc51aa9a589673f9012aceac42b Plus, can CIKU receive input from dry contact relay (DC 5-30V)? thank you. ( noob, 03/09/2015 )

Hi, you can refer this tutorial for using CIKU with 2Amp Motor driver shield. You have to download the CIKU library from here. Yes, you can but you need pull up/ pull down resistor. For further inquiry, you can discuss it in our technical forum. Thanks :)

Can I use "Mplab ide and C18 compiler" on this board ( Abdullah Suhaimi, 03/06/2015 )

If you are using PICkit2/3 to program it, you can use any compiler or IDE. But you are using the USB bootloader as shown in the User's Manual, please use the CIKU project (MPLABX IDE) which you can download from the link under "Attachment" tab, product page.

Hello, Is this board compatible with PIC 16F and 30F series too? or only with the 18F series? Thanks ( Malek, 20/11/2014 )


CIKU special design base on PIC18F4550. The IC cannot be change.

sir, this CIKU is available for serial monitor like arduino? ( duan, 17/11/2014 )

Sorry, at this moment, there is no library support for serial monitor yet.

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