Improve MDDS10 Performance With External Fan

Improve MDDS10 Performance With External Fan

MDDS10 or SmartDriveDuo-10 is Cytron’s first dual channel motor driver with smart features. This driver can take to 10A continuously and 30A for a few second. But wait, why 30A only for a few seconds? Thats because it’s actually not about current, it’s about HEAT. One of the most important thing you need to consider when designing motor driver is HEAT. Yes, Mosfets can take more than 10A, but it has a temperature limit. You will also need to consider other component’s temperature limit too. So, if you can dissipate MDDS10’s heat much faster, your driver can take more amps!

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I have design 3D file for MDDS10’s top cover with fan mounting hole. You can download the file here. It includes stl file where you can directly print using 3D printer or in case you want to modify it, you can edit 123dx file using 123D Design software.


1. Print the MDDS10’s top cover stl file using 3D printer. Diameter for screw hole is 3 mm, if the screw can’t fit, drill it a little bit.


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2. Assemble the fan, make sure it blows to the board (not suck). Since we want to use the power from MDDS10’s board, the fan should be 5V. BTW, you can get the fan separately from Cytron online store here.

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3. Connect all wires especially on terminal block. I’m using RC input mode in this tutorial. Put the PCB stand with height >= 35 mm, here is 40mm screw/nut PCB stand. not to forget the PCB stand for bottom side of PCB, we do not want the MDDS10 to short circuit on the robots structure, so get yourself another 4 of shorter PCB stand for bottom side of PCB, here is 10mm screw/screw type of PCB stand.

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4. Fan will be powered via the 5V from the input connector. Connect red wire to 5V, black wire to GND. We’re not using the blue wire but we don’t want to remove it, so I just connect it to the input pin (AN1/AN2) that not disturb the RC signal. Please do not simply connect the blue wire to other terminals, it is an output from the fan, the output is NPN/Open Drain, it will sink current. Now place the cover with fan to the top of MDDS10.

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5. Please double check the fan. Make sure it is not touching any of the components of MDDS10. Screw the cover to the PCB stand.

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6. Done! Now let’s test the performance! :-D. Do let us know about the result too.

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